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Amyn Hooda Photography



"Cheesecakes, Cigarettes, Cold coffee aNd Creativity keeps me going. Maybe that෨y I࡮imated, hyper and loud! I୥ssy, not untidy though; I like organized chaos." Iడssionate about black & whites and fashion portraits and my work drives me on endlessly."

My gamut of experience, as a photographer includes fashion, editorials, films, glamour, commercials, products, catalogs and portfolios.

After displaying an aptitude for the craft, shooting on a film SLR camera, I was presented with a semi-professional digital SLR camera at the age of 17.

I made full use of that opportunity, worked on my skills and took them to new levels. Inspired, I challenged myself by pledging to shoot my Uncle෥dding photographs as a wedding gift to him. The results were outstanding, and the responses were overwhelming!

Soon, I found myself in Mr.Avinash Gowarikar௦fice. My pictures had spoken a little, and he appointed me as his assistant.

Under him, my level of exposure jumped manifold. I learnt and experienced the workings of the professional world, as I managed bigger and better assignments.

Since then, there has been ooking back튠

I have been an independent photographer since 2008 aNd work has taken me places.

Additionally, I have films like, "Delhi Belly", "I Hate Love Stories" , "Houseful" and the latest untitled production featuring Kareena Kapoor and Imran Khan in my portfolio.

A word with friends and peers revealed that:

"The focal point in Amyn଩fe is photography. It has been his hobby and passion, which he has now turned into a profession. He has a knack for capturing magical moments, and his work represents his artistic, freethinking style. His dedication and focus will take him places."